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AIRED: 06-11-2022

We had our first psychic on with us today and we think it was one of our best shows in quite some time!

Rev. Amirah Halls spiritual journey started many years ago and her story was fascinating, to say the least! Her marriage had crumbled and she was heartbroken. Her Dad died and she developed an autoimmune illness. She was in pain, all alone and too weak to crawl to the kitchen for a cup of tea. She was angry, depressed and grieving from so much loss that she could hardly drive without melting down. Making matters worse, Amirah was terminated because she became too sick to do her job. But the worst part was that she had just gone through several years of serious self-improvement! Her story of how she got through all of these hardships PLUS going through 2 NDEs is truly powerful and inspiring!

She has a masters degree in metaphysics and the author or 5 books including Manifesting Miracles 101, LOVE UP Your Life, and The Essential Guide to Spiritual Awakening. Amirah is the founder of Heartgate International, teaching ancient secrets for life mastery, activating psychic abilities, personal enlightenment, healing and abundance. It was so engaging that it seemed like we just got started and it was over in a blink!
You can find more details about her work and the services she offers at

We’ll see you again next Saturday and please remember that WE LOVE YOU and you CAN do this :-)!


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