Return of Ceres,the torch of Mt. Etna w/ Ra Castaldo >>


AIRED: 06-01-2019

Ra Castaldo dives deep into a universal brotherhood connection of mystics that are involved in a spiritual war !! The elemental forces on our Planet are going out of control because we have become enchanted with technology/materialism and have been disconnected from Nature. Now the Ancients are being called by Nature longing for re-connection ! Mt Etna is an access point for the Ancients, they have stored technology and information for their reanimation within sacred sites on our planet like Mt. Etna. They have been communicating with mystics, priests, monks, holy men etc so they maintain these sacred sites just converting them to the modern version of the Goddess/God. keeping them charged with devotion worship, and blood sacrifice!. the priests of Ceres are preparing for her return, the return of the Virgin Goddess that was once taken …the daughter of Ceres that was once taken by Pluto….may be returning to our world in a new form arising from the ashes of the Volcano!!!!! Thru Isis/Mary Apparitions etc our society is being converted and culled like a herd of sheep!!!! like Tammuz, the shepherd, the dead are returning!!!!!Dont miss this info!!!!!!!


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