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AIRED: 02-21-2022

Questions for Russell Bentley, Texas, from Donetsk Ukraine:
Does anyone in Ukraine believe Biden is president of the United States? Will the Oligarchs allow the Donbass to be annexed to Russia? If not, who would try to stop it? Why?
Has Russia entered Ukraine, to your direct knowledge, or is that fake news from Western news outlets?
Is Russia amassing at the border now, or are they still distant from the actual border?
Is it true that Donbass rebels appeal to Russia to send urgent help amid a worsening standoff and heavy shelling? Friday they had begun evacuating residents to Russia as a result of the deteriorating security situation, and ordered the mobilization of all able-bodied men to be ready to fight in a potential conflict.
Russia claims five Ukrainian soldiers were killed in border firefight.
What are the familial lines or genetic ties between the nations of the former USSR and who insisted on splitting them into separate nations?
Now to connect some dots. Who is Chrystia Freeland? Why is she important in all the news of late?

Here is how you can help the people of Donbass, it is vetted by the IRS as a charitable 501c3 organization:


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