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May 23, 2015

  • Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, died of gunshot wounds of the head and trunk.
  • Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, died of gunshot wounds to the neck.
  • Richard Vincent Kirshner, Jr., 47, died of gunshot wounds but the report did not specify where he was shot.
  • Richard Matthew Jordan, III, 31, died of gunshot wounds to the head.
  • Wayne Lee Campbell, 43, died of gunshot wounds to the head and trunk.
  • Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44, died of gunshot wounds to the head.
  • Matthew Mark Smith, 27, died of gunshot wounds to the trunk
  • Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, died of gunshot wounds but the report did not specify where he was shot.
  • And Charles Wayne Russell, 46, died of gunshot wounds to the chest.

Reporting now indicating that all deceased were killed by police gunfire.  Reporting now indicating 27 people shot by police, 8 still in hospital.   Reporting lowers weapons confiscated to less than 50, mostly pocket knives, chains (attached to wallets?), nail clippers, one padlock and firearms (CCP fired or unfired?).

From the outset the police description of events at the Twin Peaks (Waco) Gang Shooting seemed oddly self-serving, super efficient/fast, and unusually specific for a mass casualty event outlined in under 3 hours.  It was *as if* they wanted to get out ahead of something.

One of the original claims, that was still maintained by officials last night, was the origin of the gang violence beginning in a restroom of the bar/grill and spilling outside.

Additionally, the police originally stated that all gang member gunfire was inside the building, and all the deceased were shot inside the restaurant.

However, a report outlining the 500 page construct of the police affidavit and arrest warrant(s) claims that all events happened outside in the parking lot:

[…] The affidavit goes on to say three or more members or associates of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club were in the parking lot of the restaurant when they confronted three or more members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club when the Banditos arrived at the parking lot.

After the two rival groups met in the parking lot a fight broke out, the affidavit says.

“During the course of the altercation, members and associates of the Cossacks and Banditos brandished and used firearms, knives, or other unknown edged weapons, batons, clubs, brass knuckles and other weapons,:” the affidavit says.

The affidavit says the gang members fired at each other and then when police tried to stop the fight, they began firing at officers.

Waco police officers returned fire striking multiple gang members,” the affidavit says (link)

Additionally the police went to great lengths to state the franchise owner/operator of the Twin Peaks restaurant would not cooperate with law enforcement and refused to cancel the event despite the demands of local law enforcement.

However, that too is factually disputed by the owner/operator:

[…] Late Monday afternoon the restaurant’s operators issued another statement in which they said law enforcement officials did not ask the operator or the franchisor to cancel the patio reservation on Sunday.

The event Sunday afternoon was not a Bike Night, the statement said, but instead the result of a “regular patio reservation made by a female customer who has been to the restaurant previously.”

“Based on the information to date, we also believe that the violence began outside in the area of the parking lot, and not inside our restaurant or on our patio, as has been widely reported,” the statement said.

[…] “We are in the process of gathering additional facts, and urge that people avoid rushing to judgment before those facts are fully known,” the [franchise owner] statement said. (link)

It would appear there are several contradictions with the initial -and ongoing- claims by Waco Police Spokesperson Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton.  Including last night:

[…]  Shots were fired inside the restaurant and bikers were shot, stabbed and beaten before the fight quickly moved outside to the parking lot,Swanton said

Just to refresh our memory, here is Swanton’s first Presser again: (this took place at approximately 3:00pm CST Sunday)

In addition, the number of uniformed police who were surrounding the building during the timeframe the bikers arrived at the event has increased from 12+ (original report) to more than 18+.   And now includes the police stating the entire uniformed SWAT division, vehicles, squad cars, MRAP, and all SWAT equipment were in the parking lot directly in front of the restaurant.

[…]  Eighteen uniformed Waco police officers including an assistant chief, sergeants and one rookie were standing by outside the restaurant Sunday and responded within a matter of seconds after the violence broke out between members of five rival gangs, Swanton said

So when we consider the police visibility -including their assault rifles- and overlay the affidavit claim: “three or more members or associates of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club were in the parking lot of the restaurant when they confronted three or more members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club when the Banditos arrived at the parking lot“, you would have to think these are the stupidest gang members, or….. something else.

[…]  As the officers responded, the bikers directed gunfire in their direction, police said.

“Our officers took fire and responded appropriately, returning fire,” he said.

There’s bound to be CCTV video at the restaurant/bar, that might help clear up some of the discrepancies if the video is ever made public.

However, it is worth noting the police themselves might have a vested interest in a very specific version of events, and no-one is visible yet to give any eye-witness information which might contradict that version.

It surely does seem odd that gang members would turn guns on heavily armed police who were directly in front of them, in the same parking lot, mere feet away.  It also seemsexceptionally fortunate that so far not a single stray bullet hit another building, vehicle or structure.

[…]  Three of the dead were found in the parking lot just outside of the restaurant, four were found in front of the building and one had been dragged behind a neighboring restaurant. (link)

Yet, …all the gang shooting was inside, right.  Right?