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Oct 24, 2013

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By Robert J. Lopez

A 13-year-old boy killed by a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy while carrying a pellet gun that resembled an assault rifle was shot seven times, according to a preliminary coroner’s report.

Two of the rounds that struck Andy Lopez were fatal. One hit his right hip and the other struck the right side of his chest, the report by the Sonoma County coroner’s office found.

Other bullets hit Andy’s right wrist, left biceps, right forearm, right buttocks and right hip, the report said. Three of the bullets were recovered in his body.

Investigators believe that a total of eight rounds were fired after deputies responded Tuesday afternoon to a report of a “suspicious person” in a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood, law enforcement authorities said.

“The deputy’s mind-set was that he was fearful that he was going to be shot,” Santa Rosa Police Lt. Paul Henry told reporters.

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