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AIRED: 03-14-2020

What is UPLEVELING in your Life experience…right now?
ACTIVATE your #Lineageholder presence and flourish!

For those of you that have been navigating the 2020 EXPERIENCE with us, most likely you are already having tons of AHA moments! Everything that has been shared to assist us all to stay in the SAFETY of our ASCENDED presence is proving spot on! WOW!

As this collective third chakra ‘power’ moment EXPANDS and the year of EXPERIENCE UPLEVELS…YOU CAN SAFELY WALK THROUGH THIS MOMENT…and to do so calls you to FULLY REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and WHY THIS IS HAPPENING!



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AIRED: 04-04-2020

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Fear can in fact accelerate your ASCENSION and vibratory upliftment. You can harness this energy once you come to your ascended heart. Sri and Kira reveal how to experience the energy of fear as this gift and then THRIVE! Globally, the energy of “Unconscious expectancy”, is inviting ALL to pay attention to HOW you are...

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How is the Uplevel Illumination of the Mercury Retrograde treating you so far? Are YOU Ready to create the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS with the SUPPORT of the UNIVERSE? WE ARE! ….And we know that you are too! TODAY we dive into the energetic GATEWAY that is OPEN and INVITING YOU TO CO-CREATE at a...

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