Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Aug 25, 2014

In the last few weeks, I have been on a path and journey that has changed me to the core. The old self is being completely destroyed and from the ashes rises something else. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on where I’ve been, how far I’ve come and where I am headed. The Truth Frequency journey has been one of many great changes and I can barely recognize the person I was on November 5, 2009 when this all began. I have had ups and downs, traveled into the cosmos, looped back around and grounded myself in the events of the world and back again to a place of balance.

I remember a time not too long ago when negative energies were pulling upon my very being and drowning me in a sense of hopelessness and anguish. The only thing I could do was find the strength within myself to prevail,  and I did. In hindsight, it was these very energies that were the catalyst for the drive that was required to propel me into the future of Truth Frequency and beyond. I remember a time when humanity was glowing and love blinded me to the point of foolishness. I can also remember a time when disdain for humanity shrouded my vision as I began to face the horrors of mankind head on. This was my journey into balance, a tight-rope that takes great experience and understanding to properly navigate.

With all of these experiences in mind, I promised myself that I will only project positive energies and hope to my listeners while at the same time facing down the very real horrors and atrocities man-kind is engaging in. In my own mind, I find it far easier to consider these evils as “reptilian” entities, demonic spirits or something that is not human, not in the sense that you and I are. It is unfathomable to me that our species is capable of committing such horrific acts upon each other and therefore I have to believe that we are fighting a force that is in all of us, but not of us. After all, “as above, so below” right?

Over the last few weeks I have seen the pinnacle of hope for mankind and the loving energies swirling around us and within us have been so extraordinary that even Shakespeare himself would have trouble finding the words to describe it. Likewise, I have seen darkness that Edgar Allen Poe would shun away from. It’s as if this God energy or Universal consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, grabbed my soul and took me to the brink of euphoria in order for me to fully understand the depths of the darkness that we, as light beings, are facing. This is why it’s taken me almost four paragraphs to get to the point of what I have to say. And even now, as I finish this quarter, I hesitate to write what I feel.

Dear friends and fellow light workers, I fear that we are hurdling towards our destinies and we are coming up to a  time when something big is about to emerge. I can feel something dark bubbling below us and brewing like boiling crude oil ready to burst out. In my mind I keep hearing over and over again, “a nuclear attack in the United States”. I also feel that simultaneously, or at least close together, we are being prepared for a “staged alien invasion”. The waters have been still for far too long with nothing as significant as 9-11 taking place in the last 13 years.

Have no illusions, if either of these events take place they will be orchestrated by deception. It is utterly important to examine every single UFO video from the starting point that we are looking at holograms in the sky first and foremost and work on our analysis from there. Likewise, it is equally important to analyze  the illusionary “footprints” of  ISIS, or IS or ISIL (whatever the name is on that particular day) in the context that the shadow government of the world is preparing the public for whatever event is to come.

Every year for 13 years now we have looked for signs of their plans under every rock on the ground and every stone falling from the sky. We have done so for so long that even I have began dismissing anything and everything because of so many “failed predictions”. But has this been the plan all along? I can count at least two dozen non-events that I remember and I’m sure there are dozens more that elude me at this time. I’ve had this feeling before, but this time it’s different. In the past I have looked for the signs then developed these feelings afterwards. I created these feelings within myself, along with every one of you, as we journeyed together attempting to connect the dots and uncover their occult agenda. However, what makes this time different is that this feeling is what has come first and it is only after this feeling that I am beginning to really pay attention to the clues.

I am afraid to push the “publish” button on this page because I don’t want to feed any fear into the energies around us. However, I find myself in a state of uneasiness and everything in my being is crying out for me to “disconnect”, “disconnect”, for my own sanity and well being. But at the same time, I keep hearing another voice telling me “enjoy every single minute, it’s all about to change”. And that is the reason I am writing this tonight, to tell you all the same.

Enjoy every single minute. Whether we have 20 days or 20 years left… enjoy every single minute.

Perhaps this feeling of impending doom is just my own personal journey and the death we experience when we reach a certain level of understanding. Or perhaps there is just a single soul out there who needed to hear the message “enjoy every minute” and that is the entire purpose of these feelings within me. I can say one thing for sure. Everything will happen exactly the way it’s supposed to happen. Just remember to enjoy every single minute you have.

Love you all!