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AIRED: 09-15-2020

This episode we covered regenerative agriculture practices regarding cover cropping and distribution of food systems. Tied in to that discussion we talked a little bit about water quality as it relates to foliars feeds and their efficacy as well as irrigation and even how water quality can GREATLY reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides required to achieve the same goal even in conventional chemical agriculture systems. We also talked about bees and their life cycle a bit as it pertains to fall nest building and sustaining through the winter. In the scope of the bee discussion we talked about how YOU can help the bees in your own way without having to have a bee colony or understand them on a more intimate level. Finally, we talked about my greenhouse here in Tivoli, NY and it’s evolution from when I first built it as a thermal mass in-ground furnace heated system to it’s current rendition today where I used a wood stove and water tanks as well as a Raspberry Pi (small single-board inexpensive computer) to monitor and control all the functions required to manage the greenhouse environment.



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Tonight we went into some pretty deep details on foliar feeding plants. We covered what foliar feeding is as well as how, when, why, and what effects we get when we use foliar feeds. We also discussed some other tools in the regenerative agricultural toolbox for working with plants and soils. We also covered the...

AIRED: 09-22-2020

Tonight’s discussion was about Regenerative Agricultural practices as well as pest management. I also talked a bit about my Honey Bees and the weather we have had and how that effects my bee colonies, production, reproduction and how that relates to weather conditions and many other dynamics. My friend Brad from Grow The Farm Up...

AIRED: 09-08-2020

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AIRED: 09-01-2020

On this week’s show we covered a bit about complex living systems, biology, ecology, and many other regenerative agricultural techniques and concepts. We also talked a little bit about amateur radio. Later in the show we went into Critical Points Of Influence and some other key concepts related to Regenerative Agriculture. ...

AIRED: 08-25-2020

This was the first ever Truth Frequency Radio Comrades In Farms show. I talk a little bit about my background and how I got into regenerative agriculture as well as my honey bees, greenhouse, mushrooms and fungi, foliar feeds, amateur radio and more. Join me on my journey to healing our soils and building a...

AIRED: 08-18-2020