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Oct 11, 2014 flag events are usually accompanied by drills running at the same time which conveniently mimic the eventual outcome, as we seen the morning of 7/7 when drills that simulated 4 bombs going off were running right at the same stations and bus route that were to be targeted later that morning.

So news of EBOLA READINESS DRILLS should set off alarm bells for any geopolitical analyst out there. Today, 11th October 2014, Government ministers will join dozens of medical professionals from for the eight-hour drill in locations across the country.

Actors will simulate symptoms of the deadly virus to test the response of emergency services, while some medical staff will wear personal protective equipment.

A simulated meeting of the Government’s COBRA emergency committee will also be held, chaired by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The exercise was ordered by David Cameron as part of the UK’s contingency plan against ebola, which has killed more than 4,000 people in West Africa.

I’m not claiming that I have any knowledge of any planned release of the virus, or any other type of false flag that may occur around these drills, but at the very least we must monitor these locations in the days and weeks that follow to observe whether or not any suspected cases emerge from those areas, which may give evidence of any nefarious actions that have taken place.