Truth Frequency Radio

Nov 03, 2015

By Luckee1
Thanks to TFRMember, lichtielass for bringing this to our attention.  Keep up the great work!
No need to worry about You Tube or Facebook pulling this video from here.  The comments made by NASA admitting the lithium dispersal in CHEMTRAILS, yes he said the actual word ‘chemtrails’, not persistent contrails, not condensation trails, he said chemtrails!
The fact that the US Gov. has permitted themselves to record all calls and collect all data going to and from our computers, precludes any in the government in official capacities to any expectation of privacy while on the job. Thanks to Edward Snowden for disclosing the goverments’ collection activities, we can safely post this video under ‘fair use’.

Soul sister Sue Huelbig made the call…. its been pulled from my two youtube channels not due to copyright strikes or anything like that, but because they contained inappropriate content- huh? Absolutely no violence or hate speech, no bad language, no sex, no name slinging or putting down anyone in any way- and they gave me no way to contest the video being removed… well it is back and so is Sue!

Sue Huelbig, you are a hero for making the call and FOR RECORDING IT! Thank you!

This is huge news and for those on the ground who may be allergic to any of these dispersants may have a case in court when lawsuits start.