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AIRED: 12-26-2020

In this amazing episode Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne discuss the Goddesses of the Ancients . Are the ones worshiped as Goddesses actually rebellious Seraphim , rebellious androgynous Watchers?? Are they the ones responsible for producing Avatars and Antichrist type figures?
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The energy of this show is off the charts, earlier in the day our own Ra Castaldo had an exclusive interview with world renown astronomer , astrobiologist and author Dr Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, who also has appeared on Ra’s radio show before right here on Truth Frequency Radio Network. this can be found in the...

AIRED: 04-10-2021

Easter Weekend Show, Ra Castaldo in the first half of show discusses Mt. Kailash, and the Himalayan mtns. of Tibet , various expeditions into these forbidden sacred mountains looking for the lost city of the gods, and access to Advanced technology about making the Perfect Man, the Chantamani “Matrix Stone ” . Second half Ra...

AIRED: 04-03-2021

Tonight’s guest is long time friend and colleague of the show astrologer Mr. Robert Phoenix . Robert joins the discussion as he and our host Ra Castaldo dive deep into the path of souls, the astrology of Life and the Cosmic showdown humanity is going thru. Experience the Wheel simulation of life ! ...

AIRED: 03-27-2021

Spring Equinox show with regular guest Gary Wayne , tonight is a mind-blowing show , St Patrick Unveiled like never before ! Nephilim Bloodline Druid Powers of St. Patrick , Was a Nephilim Cosmic Intelligence steering the course and powers of St Patrick? 33 Resurrection Miracles , some from people that were already dead and...

AIRED: 03-20-2021

Ra Castaldo discusses the dark energies humanity has been getting battered by over the last few weeks especially !! Why do many who receive higher knowledge , also get attacked by demonic assaults? Why do many Seers, and many of Gods warriors also receive these attacks? Ra discusses many Saints and Holy men and women...

AIRED: 03-06-2021

Step inside the toridial space, inside the eye of ra and join our torus talk conversations of higher consciousness and telepathic communications . tonights show Ra Castaldo discusses premonitions concerning various events like the recent winter storms and mysterious blackouts in Texas area, the 2017 Eclipse, OuMuaMua and is it possible Ra is describing the...

AIRED: 02-27-2021