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AIRED: 12-26-2020

In this amazing episode Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne discuss the Goddesses of the Ancients . Are the ones worshiped as Goddesses actually rebellious Seraphim , rebellious androgynous Watchers?? Are they the ones responsible for producing Avatars and Antichrist type figures?
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In the first half of show Ra Castaldo discusses the path of souls and what happens at the moment of death, from personal experiences and than going deeper into the cosmologies of Ancient Civilizations, Native First Nations People, the Ancient Vedics, the Ancient Egyptians and more ! Many people from many diverse cultures believed the...

AIRED: 10-09-2021

Ra Castaldo brings and exclusive show of information to explore, revealing , switched on data that has been imprinted on his own Cosmic Journey, which discusses the Viewing of various places within the Universe. Kuiper belt and Oort Cloud are two places discussed, as well as soo much more ! Also discuss various places where...

AIRED: 10-02-2021

Ra Castaldo and long time colleague and guest Mr. Gary Wayne have a very informative and interesting discussion on the Ancient Royal Bloodlines of Dragons and Owls , bloodlines discussed in the Bible and other Ancient religious texts. The various Legends of Esau , of the Bible who is also known as Edom . Esau/Edom...

AIRED: 09-25-2021

Tonight’s guest, Paris Tosen, is a friend and long time guest of Ra Castaldo’s shows, even prior to being on Truth Frequency radio network, Ra, had a show on the para x radio network called Spiral Radio, where Paris was a guest several times, also Paris has appeared here inside the eye of Ra on...

AIRED: 09-18-2021

author,artist, investigative journalist Jorge Martin reports the ufo activity and anomalous activity that has been happening in Puerto rico. Arecibo, el Yunque Rainforest, San Juan , Gargoyles in Puerto Rico , Genetic hybrids ...

AIRED: 09-04-2021

Do no miss this amazing , action packed episode!!!! Friend, Colleague and fellow Cosmic Shaman , Stephen Popiotek joins the discussion tonight to help bring awareness of the literal Battle we are facing for us to once again be on the road to a Cosmic Harmonic evolution ! Its been about four years since Stephen...

AIRED: 08-28-2021