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AIRED: 12-26-2020

In this amazing episode Ra Castaldo and regular guest Gary Wayne discuss the Goddesses of the Ancients . Are the ones worshiped as Goddesses actually rebellious Seraphim , rebellious androgynous Watchers?? Are they the ones responsible for producing Avatars and Antichrist type figures?
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amazing show tonight, Ra Castaldo dives deep into the origins of the ankh and Coronal mass ejections. Ra discusses being monitored by the military during summer solstice at the North Salem Balanced rock of NY, and his intense remote viewing of the Great meteor of 1783 and the origins of Manna. ...

AIRED: 07-02-2022

After talking several weeks hiatus Ra Castaldo is back in full force and delivers an incredible show! Is mankind shedding their humanity ? Are we being sent codes, impulses, and various other data through meteoric stones ? The oldest form of religious worship goes back to the worship of fire and the worship of stones...

AIRED: 06-18-2022

Ra Castaldo brings incredible information you won’t be able to find anywhere else ! A Council of Suns, the meteor messengers and cometary messengers of God, Baitylos stones, watchtowers of the grigori in Sardinia and so much more discussed. Discussing this weekends blood moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, and what kind of energy will be...

AIRED: 05-14-2022

Yeah!!!!Great Vibes ! Great Show, TFR is back and in full force for the New Moon Solar Eclipse extravaganza show !!!! So amazing coincidence how our station was going through a reboot during the literal “Reboot Eclipse. ” At beginning of show actually says August 30th as date instead of April 30th hahahhaa buts its...

AIRED: 04-30-2022

unfortunately, this show did not record due to technical difficulties with the station, we will be back live next week, thanks for understanding and the support. i apologize the last few shows have been a little difficult connecting to station due to a bug thats being worked on, the last few shows before this one...

AIRED: 04-23-2022

Ra Castaldo and Gary Wayne with another amazing show, the start of show had a few technical difficulties with Skype but about 4 minutes in we got everything settled. Tonight’s show was really interesting as they discuss what is the truth behind the Fallen Angel and Nephilim bloodlines, and how so many people are spreading...

AIRED: 04-16-2022