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Nov 03, 2013

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Kristen Asleson

As a mother who just began raising her fifth child, there is not too much that I have not seen.

I am not the type who is continuously taking the children in to be seen by a doctor with every ailment. However, 5-week-old Jacob developed quite a rash last week, and after several days of watching it worsen, I felt the need to have him seen by the physician.

I was able to get an appointment within 24 hours, so Friday morning Jacob and I, accompanied by 3-year-old Sam, headed to the appointment. He was to be seen by Dr. Jacobson, who took one look at him and quickly asked if I would mind waiting while he called the dermatology department. Within minutes he was back in the examining room, almost apologizing as he asked if we could go to the appointment he made downtown for that very afternoon. Clearly, he pulled some strings to get us in to a normally busy department.

The boys and I killed some time prior to the dermatology appointment, and as luck would have it, Sam fell asleep as I was driving up the parking ramp. By the time we got to the sixth floor, there was no waking him up. I took a deep breath, threw the diaper bag over my shoulder, the 3-year-old over the same shoulder, and on the other arm had Jacob in his car seat.

With a steady pace I began my way from the sixth floor of the parking ramp to the clinic elevators. One gal looked at me and said, “Wow, you have quite the load,” to which I smiled. A few steps later another person looked at me and said, “You go, girl,” to which I also weakly smiled.

And then I heard an angelic voice say, “May I help you?” I turned around, not knowing she was talking to me, astonished that she was. Thinking she was with General Service, I glanced at her name badge and noticed she worked in a lab. It was clearly not her job to help the ragged looking mother trying to get to her appointment on time. She took Jacob in his car seat, rode up the elevator with me, waited while I checked in and then asked where I would like to sit. I was hoping she was not on a break and would be late getting back to her lab and have some explaining to do.