Truth Frequency Radio
Dec 06, 2014 News Messenger

A few days ago, I was feeling kind of mopey about some things going on in my life when I had to run into Wal-Mart to grab my allergy prescription and some bread. I was talking to my dad fussing actually. There was a man in fatigues — a soldier, in front of me. I am sure I looked a mess to everyone. When I got up to pay for my bread and medicine, the cashier handed me a gift card in the amount of $25. I said, that it was not mine. She said the man in front of me had paid for it and said to give to me and tell me that Jesus was the reason for the season. I was speechless. She used the card to pay for my merchandise, and it covered my purchase, and I had a quarter left over. I don’t know who the man was, and will never know. People talk all the time about these things happening to them, but they had never happened to me.