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AIRED: 11-16-2018

Gotta love it! Vocabulation!! What does it mean? Does it mean squat? Squat, does it mean? Radioactive regolith. Hot rocks. Squat rocks. Melting away at the icy bum of our spinny space pear. Big ole chunks.
“The process of melting we observe has probably been going on for thousands or maybe even millions of years and isn’t directly contributing to ice sheet change,” Tom Jordan from the BAS and lead author of the study, said in a statement. “However, in the future, the extra water at the ice sheet bed may make this region more sensitive to external factors such as climate change”. Boo!
–Can’t make it up…so they do: “In June, NASA lost contact with the (Mars) rover after a planet-wide dust storm engulfed Mars. The rover entered a hibernation mode shortly after contact was lost and researchers hoped they’d be able to wake the rover up once the Martian atmosphere was clear enough to send a signal from the ground to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter circling the planet and relaying data back to Earth.
In September, after the atmosphere had mostly cleared, NASA scientists began working to re-establish communication with the rover without luck. NASA suggested this may have to do with a large amount of dust deposited on the rover’s solar panels, which supply it with all of its energy. NASA said it hoped that this dust might get blown away by seasonal winds that whip around the planet between November and January, a time known as Opportunity’s “dust-clearing season.” These winds have previously removed dust from the rover’s solar panels and allowed the rover to continue operating.”
–Shall we play a game? A spacey game? In a gamey space? NASA & XtroNaut have a game for you…if you’re spacey. Or gamey. Origami??
–We have a moonmoon from Shangdoon…now this: “The day of clean, limitless energy from nuclear fusion has taken another step closer thanks to China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). During a four-month experiment, the “Chinese artificial sun” reached a core plasma temperature of over 100 million degrees Celsius – that’s more than six times hotter than the interior of the Sun – and a heating power of 10 MW, enabling the study of various aspects of practical nuclear fusion in the process.” They probably borrowed the Parker Probe to measure that temperature…

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