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Aug 13, 2014

His exact words were “Bring it, all you fucking animals! Bring it!” What more can be said here? Here’s a simple, straightforward window into the attitude of cops

REPORT: the Missouri Citizen’s Militia is NOW IN Ferguson to protect innocent Americans from the tyrannical ‘police state’

Graphic Video – MOMENTS after  Police Shot Killed Mike Brown Body Ferguson Looting Riots


>Live Feed for riot and protest in Ferguson 

Ferguson Police Shooting Witnesses

Michael Brown had raised his hands to surrender when the fatal shots occurred 

FAA bans flights under 3000 feet in Ferguson

 “Hands up, don’t shoot!!”  Protests continue for fourth day as several hundred
gather at St. Louis County prosecutor’s office

Riots in Ferguson, Missouri make news, but not the peaceful public mass meeting 
Send In the Clowns ! Sharpton Heads To Ferguson MO

Police Officer Caught On Video Calling Michael Brown Protesters ‘F***ing Animals’

The tension in a St. Louis suburb following the shooting of an
unarmed African-American teenager by a police officer was thrown into
stark relief Sunday night in a video captured by CNN of a police officer yelling a derogatory phrase at protesters.

“Bring it, all you fucking animals! Bring it!” the officer said in the exchange.

Watch the CNN segment above.huffingtonpost