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Jun 14, 2013


U.S. Air Force/Technical Sgt. Cecilio Ricardo

by Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

Just as we saw a few minutes before the Boston Marathon bombing, a “simulated attack” on Wall St.  on June 28 has been announced by Reuters and ex-Marines working on the “project”.

Apparently, last year a similar drill was run, simulating an armed gunman in lower Manhattan “trying to get access to exchanges and just trying to blow things up,” said said Karl Schimmeck, vice president of financial services operations at SIFMA (the “organization” that analyzes threats to the markets from terrorism). But this year, it’s a whole different ball game.

According to Reuters:

The drill involves not just big Wall Street firms like Citigroup and Bank of America, but the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to SIFMA officials.
…participants will receive blasts of vague and confusing information about what appears to be a hacker attack on fake trading and information platforms that are not plugged into actual markets. The participants may see “latency,” or unusual slowness, in trading, or viruses trying to invade the systems. They will also have to call one another to figure out what’s going on….

It’s a rare situation, he said, in which fierce rivals are not trying to get a competitive edge – they’re trying to help one another survive.

Sounds like what is exactly happening in every country on the planet right now: The “elite”, the “super-rich”, whatever you want to call them, are quickly losing control over the people of the world, and at this point, seem to have mended their relationships with each other (for the time being, anyway), just to “help one another survive”.  It’s not about the people of the world being divided into Group A vs. Group B over petty issues anymore ; It has officially become a fight of survival for both the people of this world and the small minority of bankers, CEO’s, and politicians who are trying to maintain control over them.

This could end up being a real financial inside job “terror attack”, or it could just be another “drill”, but it’s interesting to see our enemies being forced to work together to survive the awakening of mankind.


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