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AIRED: 08-28-2018

Tonight on Phoenix Rising Radio…Q-Anon update…major Q drops last night and today…PLUS are we entering a Maunder Minimum? Also…the Hunger Stones.Sinister ‘Hunger Stones’ With Dire Warnings Have Been Surfacing in Europe
“If you see me, weep.”

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Please be advised according to all intel the technical remote viewing report that was done in 2009 as an indicator of global economic change/reset has been fulfilled and activated! As reported recently on the Patriot Intel Report the keywords and markers of October. November, crowds filling stadiums with flags, (MAGA rallies) , crowds of people...

AIRED: 11-13-2018

Great victory for POTUS and the team this week! But now…it begins! PLUS…Bob Gilpatrick from Boomers Forever Young will address: Blood Pressure and the Modern World. Including Promoting Healthy Circulation, Supporting Elasticity of Blood Vessels, Protection from Free Radical Oxidation. ...

AIRED: 11-08-2018

ELECTION DAY Nov. 6th 2018 Today in the United States we have the most important election in our history. We are at the crossroads of destiny of the future of this nation…will you vote freedom? Or will you vote to have our freedoms taken away by liberal Marxist democrats? NOW is the TIME to STAND…NOW...

AIRED: 11-06-2018

This coming election here in the United States is the most important elections in history! Yes…the historic 2016 election that saw the nation vote in Predsident Donald Trump was VERY important…but this election is as if not MORE important! I go into some of the reasons why it is VITAL to this Republic and to...

AIRED: 11-01-2018

I shared that I had come across some interesting information from an unvetted source that very well may be a hint of the next step ‘plan’ of the Deep State if indeed they lose control of the house and senate in the upcoming mid-term election on Nov 6th 2018.Listen in as I share some info...

AIRED: 10-30-2018

Are we witnessing the final set up of the deep state by their own doing? This will have to play out but it will do so very soon. Also…I am joined in the last segment by Bob Golpatrick and the topic is Fighting Depression including: The Chemistry of Joy, Fecal Microbiota Transplantation, Light Therapy and...

AIRED: 10-25-2018