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Aug 18, 2014

(Before It’s News)

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The following video is reported to come from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) on June 29, 2014.  It’s shocking footage to say the least!  There’s a HUGE Pyramid that can be plainly seen on Asteroid 1999.  




NEOSSat, or Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite


When I first saw this video on a popular website, I noticed that somebody had a debunking video really quick on it.  So I watched the debunking video to see how they could disprove the footage.  At first the guy doing the debunking video sounded pretty reasonable, the guy said that it’s impossible because the image was taken by by NEOSSat which is Canadian and not Indian.  Well some quick research proves that NEOSSAT shown below is Canadian but it was launched by India!  Why didn’t he mention this?


So I caught the debunker flat out lying when basic research shows that India launched the satellite.  Next he said that it was too far out to be NEOSSAT because 1999 was about 150 million miles from Earth or 1.5 times the distance to the Sun.  I did some quick calculations after finding some good data in the article listed above.  The velocity of the second stage of the rocket was 8050 mph and this rocket had 4 stages so it was going quite a bit faster after the 4th stage finished burning.  I can’t find data on the speed after stage 4 then but taking 8050 mpg as a very conservative velocity  We know it was launched on February 25 2013 and this video was supposedly taken at the end of June 2014 so we have 16 months basically of travel time.  Each month this craft is covering over 5,796,000 miles.  So in 16 months this craft can go 93 million miles.  And we know it was going much faster because it had a 3rd and 4th stage which probably increased the velocity at least 1.5 times what it had after stage 2.  So it’s my opinion this craft could have reached 1999 easily in the time allowed.


NEOSSat was specifically designed to look at asteroids like 1999 that could be a danger to Earth in the future.  I found posts on the Internet from people that emailed ISRO for confirmation that this video is real but nobody would answer the emails.  Were they threatened to shut up?  It’s interesting to me that NASA says they are going to launch a probe to Asteroid 1999 in 2016 for close surface scans and then an approach where the lander will extend a robotic arm to get a sample and then return to Earth!  Here’s that information.


As of right now, I believe this footage is real.  The fact that debunker shills have attacked it with super ridiculous lies is a huge red flag for me.  The video looks very real and looks like other videos I’ve seen of asteroids.  It would take a real expert to fake this.  And if it was fake then ISRO would have said so immediately since it’s their reputation on the line.


Of course I believe that we have craft that can get to 1999 in less than a day and all this “rocket” stuff is just for the so called “slaves” to believe in.  I’m sure that the shadow space program has already been there long ago with their Tesla technology and know exactly what is there.  Maybe the Indians were allowed to leak this video to prepare for some announcement in the future.  We know they lie about everything to do with space.  Is it a base of the aliens / fallen angels?  Who knows, but one thing I can promise you is that the government will never tell you the truth that aliens are demonic and all alien abductions stop in the name of Jesus Christ.  See Joe Jordan’s proof on this below and share everywhere!  It drives the demons crazy when you share the fact that Jesus Christ has power and authority over these aliens so you shouldn’t fear them.  Just pray against them in the name of Jesus!

I will update everybody on this topic when I find out more information. I’ve asked some of the guys at to see if they can get any type of confirmaton on it also.


Joe Jordan (former atheist) Proves Aliens Are Demonic and Must Leave in the name of Jesus!