AIRED: 03-22-2020

Few would doubt that President Putin has triumphed in Russia’s geo-political battle with the Globalists. Russia expert and New York Times’ best selling author, William Craig Reed talks about his new book, “Spies of the Deep.” a real life spy exposee of how Putin launched his career out of the catastrophic Kursk Submarine “accident” in 1999. A former Naval intelligence officer, Reed explains the imprint of Russia’s collapse on Putin’s genesis as a fiercely protective leader of Russian sovereignty. We talk about how Putin has defied the Globalists repeatedly in Ukraine, Syria and his strategic dominance over oil and energy relying on sea lanes and shipping through the Arctic and Russia waters. We also talk about the Coronavirus and Russia’s bioweapons production called VEKTOR. (Reed explains a Chinese worker at the Level 4 bioweapons facility in Wuhan was selling live monkeys for a hefty profit at the Live animal market around the corner. Chinese authorities arrested the man and hushed up the story, but that’s how Coronavirus got out.) Putin is a leader who thrives in chaos. What emerges is the portrait of leader steeled by daunting failures in the old Soviet economic system who has prevailed over hardship to become a worthy adversary in geo-politics. We close with the question– Can the United States compete and emerge so strongly as our own Globalist economy crashes in the West??

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