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AIRED: 03-16-2022

Did you notice how bad Putin was made out to be on Purim? Did you notice the actor Zelensky’s plea before the supposed destruction of the theater in Ukraine, after the invoking of Martin Luther King Jr., Pearl Harbor and 9/11 in the former comedian’s virtual conference with US Congress? If not, we’ll get you all caught up plus more.

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In an election year, there is a “Roe v. Wade leak,” on May 2, 2022, the 122nd day of the year, 94-days after Amy Coney Barrett’s 50th birthday. And with #Gematria you can easily see how perfectly planned and coordinated the ritual is to further divide the American people while keeping them invested in the...

AIRED: 05-11-2022

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AIRED: 05-04-2022

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AIRED: 04-27-2022

It was a no show....

AIRED: 04-20-2022