Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 04, 2014

www.picresize.com_2014-11-04_11-29-32Federal agencies for years have been calling for less antibiotic use in livestock, which doctors fear is threatening human health. But the market may speak louder.

That’s the takeaway from a Wall Street Journal piece that notes that more meat companies and restaurant chains are embracing antibiotic-free meats, and are forcing farmers to go along.

Wayzata-based Cargill Inc. comes up in the story, which cites a case in which a consumer came down with antibiotic-resistant salmonella after eating turkey that was part of a safety-related recall. She wound up settling with Cargill, which says it made changes at the plant that produced the meat.

The federal government is inching along when it comes to antibiotic use in livestock; last year the FDA announced new rules banning their use to promote growth— but the loopholes it left open suggested that there would be little effect.