Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Aug 26, 2013

pterodactyl-living-dinosaurs-fact-fiction-fraudI’ve always been fascinated by crypto-zoology and the possibility of living dinosaurs. I grew up with great classics like Journey To The Center of The Earth and The Lost World where early 20th century explorers journey into the inner earth and discover a pre-historic oasis (often with scantly dressed native women for an added bonus!). When we look at ancient writings, petro-glyphs and carvings in temples we see the repeated portrayal of “dragons” that look strikingly similar to dinosaurs. Despite the overwhelming evidence that dinosaurs walked the earth with man, mainstream science claims the dinosaurs lived hundreds of millions of years before man. On the flip-side, fundamentalist religion uses this evidence to prove the earth is only 6,000 years old.

I’ve met more than one person who claims to have witnessed a living pterodactyl in the twenty first century. The Galapagos  island is a remote animal sanctuary that would make the perfect spot for an untouched pre-historic ecosystem full of these fascinating giants. Oddly enough, this is the setting for the Jurassic Park series.

I found a video posted on youtube that compiles films and images reputed to depict living dinosaurs in our era. The only question is, are these images FACT or FRAUD?