Psycho-Somatic Illness, Iran, Israel, Arizona and Ron Paul w/ Bob Tuskin & Robin Koerner >>


AIRED: 05-05-2012

Hour 1: Bob Tuskin joins us for the first hour for a little philosophical chit-chat.

Hours 2 & 3: Huffington Post author Robin Koerner joins us to talk about the latest anti-illegal immigration actions that Arizona has taken as of late. We talk about his support for the Ron Paul campaign and how to deflect non-issues and force the media to investigate the real ones (such as ending the drug war and leaving state issues up to the states). We then delve into the more sobering of issues such as: The role of Zionism in American politics, the situation in Iran and the rest of the middle east, and abortion rights in the U.S.

website: Huffington Post


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