AIRED: 04-03-2022

Today’s show cuts deep inside the propaganda war raging in Ukraine. Who’s to blame for the barrage of destruction? Can Ukraine pull off a win against Russia?? Most definitely not. Without the conviction of Ukrainian soldiers, the War will implode. That’s where propaganda comes in. Today’s guest comes from the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic whose demand for independence following the Maidan Coup in Kiev triggered this eight (8) year civil war inside Ukraine, Citing an electricity outage, Russell joins us at the first half hour break. Describing his visit to Mariupol last weekend, Russell attributes the “apocalyptic” force of destruction to Ukrainian soldiers. Not Russia. That’s just for starters. Most significantly, Russell is convinced that Russian forces are re-positioning for a full out assault on Ukrainian forces dug into concrete bunkers along the 200 mile border with Donetsk and Lugansk. He predicts a return to fighting in Kiev once those Ukrainian forces attacking the Donbass are neutralized. Of course nobody can be sure when Putin will stop, but Russell predicts the Russian ethnic regions of Ukraine will be the demarcation point for a new Ukraine, running along the DIESPER RIVER from the North all the way to Moldova, including Odessa. Sorry that’s pronunciation. We talk about Putin’s adamance that Europe must buy Russian natural gas with Rubles, and market indications that the U.S Dollar is taking hard hits from sanctions, as countries abandon the U.S petro dollar as a reserve currency. Guys, it’s going to be a Long War.

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