Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 02, 2013

luke-rudkowski-we-are-change-hotel-room-break-in-ransacked-computer-compromised-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationYouTube – WeAreChange

We think it’s best that we make this public for the safety of Luke Rudkowski during his travels abroad. Other important things to note is that the Wi-Fi that Luke’s computer was on was established a day before the hack with a pass code that only he and the other speakers he mentions had access to, that was established by them and no one else. Which makes the case for a remote hack very unlikely. Other computers were also on the scene and active but Luke’s was the only one visibly targeted.

Also this looks like an unprofessional job due to leaving the obvious tracks of intrusion, but from the looks of the scripts that were ran they were definitely not amateurs. Because of multiple attempts to set up Luke in his career we think it’s best to make this situation public. This situation is extremely weird surrounding the circumstances and that’s why we decided to go public with it.