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AIRED: 04-19-2018

We open up discussing a common theme in two of the top tv shows right now. Homeland & Designated Survivor have both broadcast episodes in the last week with a similar storyline – the removal of the President via the envoking of the 25th amendment. The 25th amendment comes into play when a President is no longer fit for office or if a majority of his/her cabinet, along with the vice President sign a letter stating that the President is no long fit for the oval office. This has an element of art mirroring life in that there has been mutterings around the halls of power in Washington about using the 25th amendment to get rid of Donald Trump. Are we being programmed to accent such an eventuality? And, if he is a genuine white knight determined to drain the swamp around him, why havent the same swamp monsters already used the 25th to get rid of him? Could it be, like ive said recently, that he himself has always been one of the biggest monsters in the swamp?

Then for the main part of the show we address THE MAMMOTH IN THE LIVING ROOM!

News reports suggest that bioengineering pioneer Dr George Church could be about to bring the Woolly Mammoth back from extinction using DNA samples, an egg from an elephant & an artificial womb. This makes us question just what is being done with technologies such as the gene editing tool called CRISPR CAS9 in the world of black ops and secret experiments. Could the military be using supersoldiers? The genetically enhanced beings would be advantageous to the military on many fronts and we get into the evidence for supersoldiers being used in places like Syria.

What other reasons could there be for such a push for us to hand over DNA samples so that companies can produce our full genomic sequence? Are the looking for something ancient in origin, written into the source code that goes to making up us all?

All this and more on this episode of KBS with Jimmy Genes & Scott Lopez


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