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Sep 16, 2014

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Vatic Note: This video is a MUST LISTEN,  very detailed and it might make you frustrated due to the very long introduction, however, it was very important to have all that detail for what was coming, the Big story…… From my research, she has done a good job in her research and commentary about Gilgemish, about the fallen angels and the watchman that even Enoch talked about in 5 whole chapters, and about the process for cloning and who was the recipient and why, he was chosen for being cloned.

My only question is “RH negs” which William is,  can’t be cloned, at least that is what we have been told by scientists, but like everything else,  they may well be lying.  (Revisit our blog titled “The Brotherhood of the Bell, Black Arts and Black SCIENCES”.

Coincidentally, all 5 of Enochs chapters were removed from the Bible, now why do you suppose that was?  Enoch was so favored by God, that He walked with Enoch and even took him up without him dying.  So how can any man say that Enoch’s writings were apostasy when God knew what Enoch wrote and did not call it apostasy.

What she has to say about bloodlines is fascinating and makes a good case for their movement through history.  We did a series of blogs on these 13 bloodlines and how ancient they are.  The ruling class are the ones that do everything they can to preserve those bloodlines, through mating by bloodlines rather than by love or some other consideration.

Eventually, after laying the foundation for this contention, she starts to explain cloning and how it works and how much of it has been done already and makes the point that without “the breath of God”, these beings are “beasts”.   Then she gets into the shroud.

After that its unbelievably fascinating and a must listen since its all new information to me, and probably to you to.  Please listen and you decide.  She is very good.  Just keep in mind the connection of the Rothschild Zionist bankers with the Nazi regime of Germany.

This below explains why the Queen is passing over Charles for the line of royal leadership.  It also explains why Putin has been recently pushed into the limelight as a hero.  This below has disclosed to the public the plan for William and thus may well have ruined the illums plans to use William.  I believe Putin is being set up to be the back up, in case this gets out of hand for the illums.

She makes the point that the “Real Christ” will come back from the air, and that will be how we can tell the Anti-Christ from the false cloned one.  But I disagree.   We published a blog on here on how the airforce has perfected holographic technology with their planes and can project images on the sky that are lifelike, so that may well be how they try to overcome the disclosure below.

If you doubt the holographic capability, just go back and revisit the “Norway Spiral”, especially the video of its creation and notice the beam of light coming from Russia along the horizon.  Along with the airforces’ holographic machine, they also use HAARP’s  electro magnetic pulse wave to complete the realistic nature of the holograph.  What an elaborate and expensive scam this is turning out to be. I guess, we will see, right?

Prince William ~ The Cloned Anti-Christ

Published by Freeman Fly on Jan 11, 2014
Was Prince William cloned from the Shroud of Turin to be raised as the Anti-Christ? Find out more from Dr. Joyce Pugh [02-07-09]