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Oct 29, 2013

dea-kids-children-medical-marijuana-patientby: J. D. Heyes

Natural News

Just how out-of-control does our “system” have to be to kill a father trying to protect his son from being forcibly removed from his home – all on the word of an anonymous person? Pretty out-of-control, I’d say, and I’m betting you agree.

According to a post on the website, 32-year-old Michigan father William Reddie was recently shot and killed by police when local Child Protective Services and officers showed up at his house to essentially kidnap his child.

father-shot-killed-police-single-dad-marijuana-CPS-DEA-drug-war-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationAs the website reported:

An anonymous tipster claiming that Reddie had marijuana in the home set off a string of incidents which turned a happy toddler into an orphan – and led a local newspaper to conduct its own investigation and issue its own report.

The report stated that a cop who said he followed up on that anonymous tip claimed to smell pot emanating from Reddie’s home. That said, possession of marijuana there, according to reports, is a misdemeanor – that is, unless police find large quantities and the person possessing it has an intent to sell it.

“Michigan Child Protective Services staffers did not have any indication of any type of child abuse or neglect inside the home and felt the drug possession was justification enough to remove the toddler,” the website reported.