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Dec 17, 2013

Rescued dogs photo

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is caring for these two dogs who were left out in the snow and cold for several days this weekend and rescued by police officers.

By Dayton Daily News


A concerned neighbor helped Dayton Police rescue two dogs that were left outside in the cold this weekend.

According to a police report, the unknown breed dogs were found wet and shivering with no food and only a frozen water bowl behind a residence on Puritan Place, Saturday.

A neighbor told police that the dogs had been there for three days. Their owner had been seen leaving days ago and had not returned.

The air temperature at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday when police arrived was 24 degrees.

Responding officers put the dogs in their police cruiser and drove them to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

Dr. Daniel Brauer said the dogs are doing much better now, but the conditions they were left in were very dangerous.

“People often think just because dogs have fur they have winter coats and gloves on which is not true,” Brauer said. “They can get frostbite just like we do, around their ears, their nose and their feet.”