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Dec 26, 2013

Police Rescue Residents From Burning Home in BridgeportBy Ari Mason, NBC Connecticut

Nine people are without a home but are safe after police helped rescue residents from a burning house on in Bridgeport late Friday night.

Police officers were in the area when they noticed smoke and fire coming from the building at 801 and 803 Noble Avenue in Bridgeport. People trapped inside were calling for help, and the officers went in to rescue a man and two children. Additional officers arrived to help the rescue effort and look for more people, police said.

The resident who was rescued told police he first noticed the fire when a cat ran from a spare room and was followed by a trail of smoke. He kicked a wall that was bubbling and flames poured out, according to police.

One officer suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to Saint Vincent’s Hospital for an evaluation. No residents were hurt. Animal Control was called out to help a kitten injured in the fire.

Nine people were displaced, six of whom lived on the first floor and three of whom lived on the second. The Red Cross arrived on scene to help.

The home is a loss. Additionally, the house next door received smoke damage to gutters and siding.