Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 13, 2013

police-save-elderly-man-house-fire-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationBy Brian Crandall, NBC10 News

Somerset police officers rescued a 90-year-old man from his burning home on Read St. Friday night.

“We wanted to get him out. We didn’t want to see anyone die here tonight,” said Officer Christopher Magan.

Magan and reserve officer Lance Rhodes got the call and rushed in to the house after neighbors first tried to tell the homeowner it was time to leave.

Rhodes said, “Heart pounding situation. But you have to, you try to use as much caution as we could. But we knew somebody was in there and we had to try to get him out.”

Magan added, “The smoke condition was just overcoming. Our first thought when we went in the door was, we shouldn’t be in there, never mind anyone else.”

Louis Cabral was inside, after his wife Leona had gotten out.

Magan said, “He was definitely disoriented when we went in the house. He was still insisting that he stay to put out the fire when we got inside…We were able to call to him. When he got within view of us, we grabbed him and pulled him out of the house…When we started walking away from the house, we turned and looked and in the windows we could see the flames were coming up through the first floor at that time.”

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