Sep 03, 2013

Two police officers in Sullivan, Missouri helped to save a local man from committing suicide on an overpass today. According to local news outlet The Sullivan Independent:

Officer Jason Stockton and Officer Dan Reed responded to the Elmont Overpass at 1:20 p.m. after a concerned citizen called and stated that a man was on the outside of the ten-foot protective fence on the overpass. The 20-year-old male was approximately 30 feet off the ground and on the opposite side of the ten-foot fence on the overpass.

The first officer arrived at the overpass and recognized the man standing on the overpass as someone he had encountered before and began speaking with him to calm him down, according to authorities.

After notifying dispatch and EMS of the situation and an extra police officer, firefighters, a pastor and electricians showed up, a police officer was lifted up with a bucket truck to the man to retrieve him and brought him down safely. The troubled man was then taken to a local hospital.