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Aug 21, 2013

Huffington Post

Posted: 08/21/2013 5:57 pm EDT  |  Updated: 08/21/2013 6:59 pm EDT

One single dad in Florida is receiving a helping hand from a local police officer.

According to NBC 2, Officer David Conticelli was alerted that there was a boy — 10-year-old Jonathan Baker — walking around Fort Myers without any shoes. Conticelli took the boy home and was surprised to find that the apartment he shared with his dad had no furniture, and that the boy had little clothing to his name.

After learning that Jonathan’s dad, Jeff Baker, has full custody and pays child support for two other children from another relationship — all while working six days a week and without government assistance or child support — the officer was inspired to help.

Officer Conticelli and his lieutenant bought the boy shoes and clothes and got the Bakers some donated items from a local church.

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