Truth Frequency Radio">Kev Baker
May 29, 2014


Police have arrested and stamped on a protester outside the grounds of this years Bilderberg Group meeting taking place at the Marriot Hotel in Central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars was on hand to film the incident. In the video posted below you can see three police police officers speaking to a young man with a camcorder. As the video goes on you see the male being increasingly frustrated by the police officers unwillingness to let him pass. The police were allegedly asking the young man for some identification, which he did not appear to produce. The male becomes more agitated & the police then physically restrain the male and take him over the street to a screened off area.

Then after this video ends, reporters continued to film what was happening as the male was taken behind the privacy screens. On the video below it is clear to see, via a 6 inch gap in the screening, police stamping on the mans head.

This is just day 1 of this years Bilderberg Group meeting and if this is a sign of how things are going to go, then its not going to be the same kind of vibe experienced at last years get together at the Grove Hotel, Watford, UK.

With the main stream media unlikely to do their job and report on the their bosses attending this annual meeting, it is again down to us, the people, to shed light on this, one of the darkest shadiest groups on the planet.

So, if you are intending to protest the Bilderberg group, please be very cafeful. Only last night Ole Dammegard warned of agents provocateurs and potential false flags. Keep your eyes open for any underhandedness and stay safe.