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AIRED: 10-02-2021

We often talk about the seemingly unprecedented times we’re in and todays show brings forth some pertinent info to reiterate that. We’re currently experiencing a rare 7 planet retrograde so we decided to look over a basic description to try to make sense of it all and whether or not these retrogrades are able to be seen, not just in our own little corner of the world but globally as s well. Turns out, at least in our experience, that we ARE able to connect the astrological dots in our lives.

We used information that we found from Roya Backlund to describe what happens during these retrogrades and how we can see their effect happening in real time.

*disclaimer* We are not well versed in astrology so we used Royas information simply as a starting point to help describe what we’re experiencing and what we’re seeing happen all over the world. We realize that interpretations can vary from astrologer to astrologer and we trust that the information we based our observations on to be at least fairly accurate.

It was quite informative for us and we hope it is for you as well. The reason we decided to do a show using astrology as our guide is because we have had chart readings with KMoon and have found the information provided by her about our charts to be spot on. We don’t necessarily understand how it works but we certainly listen when someone we deem to be credible gives us information concerning astrology so give it a listen. If the information in this show resonates and you hadn’t really given astrology a second thought, this may change your mind!

Thanks again SO MUCH for sharing your valuable time with us and until next Saturday, remember that WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

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