Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 04, 2014

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

WND published a piece on Monday from in where one of the strangest mysteries in recent decades is discussed, where a pilot flying South of Australia reported to air traffic control the appearance of a “metallic object” which gave off a “luminous green glow”, later saying it was “hovering” over him, before he and his plane mysteriously disappeared… never to be seen again. This occurred in 1978.

Later reports reveal that others in the area also reported strange green lights and in playing the recording of his communications with air traffic control, so weird metallic grinding sounds were heard right before his disappearance.

Videographer hyungs wonders if these types of sightings are inter-dimensional “demonic” beings which we have all simply been programmed from TV, movies and the media, to interpret as “aliens.”

Either way, listening to this pilot’s last known communications, is chilling.