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AIRED: 03-05-2021

Mr. Pierce Robinson is considered an expert on the frightening and ever-growing use of Propaganda in politics, which exists today in America and across the world. The Organisation for Propaganda Studies (OPS) facilitates conducts rigorous academic research and analysis of propaganda, both historical and contemporary. Propaganda is a manipulative form of persuasion that is frequently found across political, economic, and security domains in authoritarian states as well as in liberal democracies
He is the co-director at Organisations for Propaganda Studies and is here to discuss Propaganda and how it currently influences us today and historically, and the history and inception of these powerful tactics that have been put into place to control people and even entire nations, even today in America and nations worldwide. Propaganda – the coordinated attempt to influence large or small numbers of people to some idea and/or action – is among the most ancient genres of human activity, and has been integral to religion, social control, commerce, education, and conquest for millennia. The term ‘propaganda’ originated in 1622 from a Christian commission for the ‘propagation of the faith.’ The Roman Catholic ‘Propaganda Fide’ emerged as a key institution, missionary ministry, and center for specialized ideological and administrative training in response to the threat of the Reformation.Focuses on the narrative, rather than evidence and usually is used to disprove facts and accurate information and instead uses ideas or statements that are false, exaggerated, and often blatant lies in order to help a cause, political leader, government, person or entity.

website: propagandastudies.ac.uk/about

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