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AIRED: 08-06-2015

“WaveX Frequency Shift Update: Time To Plan For All The Changes And Make Necessary Alignments To Prosper”
Estimated 9 Steps of WaveX: what happens in Oct in Step #10?
PREDICTIONS on economies, the US$, China, the Dinar RV, natural disasters, the “Social War” that we have started, & more
Why are many of us feeling so tired & agonized on some days but perhaps almost euphoric with so much gratitude on other days?
Have you mapped-out the rest of 2015 in your life – possibilities, goals, risks, etc. Be aware of all the changes coming!
MH370 “debris” – how news “rotates” to keep the game playing
What are all the ‘strange’ noises that people are hearing?
Conversations and Q&A with YOUR concerns and observations.

website: goingglobaleastmeetswest.blogspot.com

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I watch the ripples change their size But never leave the stream Of warm impermanence And so the days float through my eyes But still the days seem the same And these children that you spit on As they try to change their worlds Are immune to your consultations They’re quite aware of what they’re...

AIRED: 12-04-2018

Deal of the Century? Tensions build all over the globe as the cabal does there best to derail Trump and Putin. The G20 meeting is this weekend and we may see the “Deal of the Century” (Middle East Peace) announced by President Donald Trump. What will be the outcome? This plus other topics tonight on...

AIRED: 11-27-2018

Heavy duty energy hitting full force…but we can beat them…forever and every day. This coming week will see a build up of energy that will lead to new beginnings but know the forces of evil are doing all they can to divide us and to keep us apart. But…we do not have to allow ourselves...

AIRED: 11-20-2018

What if…what IF the democrates nominate Barack Obama to be the next speaker of the house? Is that even possible? Is it even legal? Would they do something so crazy? And if they did..WHY would they do such a thing? Also if that DID happen…what cou;ld happen that would return Obama to the office of...

AIRED: 11-15-2018

Please be advised according to all intel the technical remote viewing report that was done in 2009 as an indicator of global economic change/reset has been fulfilled and activated! As reported recently on the Patriot Intel Report the keywords and markers of October. November, crowds filling stadiums with flags, (MAGA rallies) , crowds of people...

AIRED: 11-13-2018

Great victory for POTUS and the team this week! But now…it begins! PLUS…Bob Gilpatrick from Boomers Forever Young will address: Blood Pressure and the Modern World. Including Promoting Healthy Circulation, Supporting Elasticity of Blood Vessels, Protection from Free Radical Oxidation. ...

AIRED: 11-08-2018