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AIRED: 01-22-2021

Josh smashes our perceptions this morning with some pics of perky plants. But one of the plants is…perkier(?) perhaps due to some magical magnetic manipulivity(?), as the pics plainly portray. One simple ceramic magnet slipped neath the glass in the middle of the photo and…well, LOOK!!!
–Searle, Searle, Searle. Seems Searle has been seen more and more of late…maybe…(see pic. Thanx, Rob Page!)
–We have a story only Larson could love. Dinos. Dead? Duh! Detritus? Depends. Deposited, definitely. Destination? You wouldn’t beLIEve it I told you. Which we do. Listen, loony…
–FE edge sought. Couple cruises. To Sicily??? Yeah, well…
–Healthy health helpers…Heaven help us!!!
–Conspiracy game. See link.
Chat Chit–
Alan Holman:
Alan Holman:
​I rarely travel out of my city — so as far as I know, the Earth ends on the other side of a lake that’s a few miles out of my city, and perhaps you’re all just actors to fool me. haha lol, j/k
Robert Page:
​great show as always, looking forward to this evening!✌🤟❤


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