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AIRED: 10-07-2017

This was another intense show !!!!! In the 1st segment Ra does his weekly Heaven and Hell review where he discusses the Vegas massacre and how it may be a mass ritual to help awaken sleeping Giants and other entities. Please check out the show Ra discusses what a 5 bodies astral attack is and what it feels like plus much more. Peter Moon comes on as tonight’s guest after the first segment and this show touched on so many different things that will blow your mind!!! Peter discussed his book Montauk Project experiments in time and how its the 25 year anniversary of this groundbreaking book. If you’e never heard of the Montauk Project please research. Both Ra and Peter have had direct contact with some of the technology and people who have participated in this project . They discuss psychotronic attacks and how this may be inner Earth technology. Peter discusses the history of Montauk point and the Montauk Indians who actually do call themselves Indians not Native Americans. Peter talks how there were actual pyramids in Montauk up until a hurricane in the 1930s and that the Indians actually called there chief Pharaoh. Peter than discusses the death of his parents and his many connections to the Olive. Ra also picks up on sum of Peters interesting experiences in the forests of Romania and Peter confirms his vision. In the next segment Ra and Peter go down the spiral of what sum call Agartha or Inner Earth and how its a place of timegates and alternate dimensions or realities . Peter discusses the caves of Romania and different places on Earth that has access to these Agartha timegates . He talks of his psychic connection to the Agartha consciousness while in a cave there as well as the many powers of this place. Later Ra talks of his ancestry and the magical lake Nemi the tale of the Rex Nemorensis or King of the Woods. From talks of time travel, the Roman area , Caligula etc…talk goes to the Vatican and Peter talks of the Vatican and how a certain exorcist and Priest was rumored to have a time travel device called the chronovisor and how most exorcists themselves are also infested with demons. This was such an intense show don’t wanna give it all away you just got to hear it for yourself…other topics also include Portals, Living Trees, the Fae, L Ron Hubbard , and more….we will see you next time inside the Eye of Ra….


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