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AIRED: 06-26-2021

What an honor and joy to have Patricia McNeilly back with us again. As always, she was full of fun and lots of great perspectives on what’s happening, not only in the world as a whole but in the Twin Flame realm as well. We hit on so many different topics regarding spirituality and the Twin Flame journey it’s difficult to give a brief summary here so carve out some time to listen to this wonderful chat we had with her!

Patricia helps you cut the Past. It can be your own worn-out patterns in relationships, concluding relationships, or worn-out “soul agreements” and vows, she can help you easily. Her expertise is creating the necessary internal flow and merges of love energy, for the INNER ALCHEMY meaning transformation to enable you to pull together, and feel a new level of Love.
When you work with Patricia, you will be who you are & bring in a new Relationship to everything! You can find out more by visiting her website below and she has many hours of videos on Youtube, Lover Within.

Thanks again for spending your time with us and until next Saturday, remember that WE LOVE YOU!! 🙂


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