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AIRED: 04-28-2020

As the title implies, we had a great roundtable discussion with TFR hosts Brent Thomas, Paisley Wilde, Billy Ray Valentine, and Luckee1.

Billy Ray Valentine joins us today to give a report of what it is really like in New York. How the governor is destroying the economy, and he explains how businesses are being destroyed. Paisley brings in news about the UV lighting that Trump referred to, and how for over a decade, that technology has been used to clean the blood of patients. Brent gives an explanation on how the herd immunity applies not only to biology/pathology, but also to ideology. This was an excellent roundtable today that represented American life in the shut down from the metropolis of NY to the farms of Idaho, to the southern states and to the paranormal time loss.


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Is the violence on the streets, and the reactions of Trump all scripted? Is every new shocking headline planned long before the event takes place? Is the Deep State behind every event that is tearing apart the country and world? Tony Arterburn and Luckee go over the events of the week, and notably the events...

AIRED: 06-29-2020

Executive Order on the Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice. In the speech Trump did say that choke holds are now forbidden. There is going to be reform of law enforcement. We talk about the fractures of all groups of people in our nation. It is our duty to stop bad laws,...

AIRED: 06-16-2020

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AIRED: 06-15-2020

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AIRED: 06-10-2020

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AIRED: 06-09-2020

Paisley Wilde and Luckee! Talk about #DefundPolice and we rip through the BS on the topic. Barack Obama passed law to allow propaganda to be used through the media. No wonder we are being controlled when we watch TV. US officially demands Britain hand over Prince Andrew to be quizzed over his links to pedophile...

AIRED: 06-08-2020