Truth Frequency Radio
Sep 22, 2014

Owners of a new antiques centre in Barnsley have been spooked by some ghostly goings-on.

Business partners Danny Parker and Rachel Archer were left ‘shocked’ and ‘scared’ when they reviewed some CCTV footage which revealed the glass door of a large display cabinet opening by itself in an empty room before shattering into tiny pieces.

The concerned antique experts have since been inundated with offers from paranormal teams and mediums, keen to investigate the supernatural activity.

Rachel, aged 38, of Barnsley, said: “I was on holiday when it happened but Dan rang me to explain – I could tell he was genuinely scared.

“When I watched it for myself I was shocked and a little worried as there was no explanation.”

The spooky footage shows furniture awaiting sale in a room at the Barnsley Antiques Centre, on Doncaster Road, with nobody in view. Then, in a split second, the cabinet’s door opens and the glass explodes, sending shards smashing to the floor.

The smashed glass was found by an electrician who had been working in the building and had nipped out for 10 minutes, locking the premises behind him.

“When he made the discovery he searched the building but there was nobody there and no sign of a break in,” said Rachel. “We have 18 CCTV cameras at the centre so were fortunate enough to capture what happened.”

The haunting video has had thousands of hits on YouTube and has attracted the attention of paranormal experts who have since visited the building.

Rachel said: “One paranormal team examined the centre and said they felt the presence of an elderly man who had fallen on hard times but meant no harm. A separate medium described seeing a similar man sitting at a bar.”