AIRED: 02-12-2022

Tonight I talk to fellow Aussie Anthony O Flynn, We start by talking about the over 1 million on people that have descended on our Capitol Canberra of Australia paralleled by the convoy in Canada that is not being broadcast on Main Stream Media. During yesterdays speeches we are hearing words like PEDOs and Reptilans, how amazing is that!
Anthony O’Flynn is a true pioneer in the field of modern spirituality. His outlook allows him to navigate a broad range of topics and modalities while drawing connections and offering profound insights into consciousness and the spiritual path.
Anthony’s ability to link the ancient and the modern provides a bridge between traditional spirituality and a 21st century lifestyle. Anthony’s approach is flavoured by his engaging style, spirited humour, profound knowledge and light-hearted relatable manner of communicating timeless truths.
Anthony holds a BA Hons (politics) and an MA (communications) and from the outset was primed for a corporate career. However, this conventional background led Anthony to question the accepted consensus of mainstream values and life choices. After travelling extensively around the world for over three years, in 1999 while in India, he was introduced to the Tantric path of yoga and meditation. This amplified his life-long interest in diverse aspects of mysticism and various metaphysical pursuits.
Anthony teaches a diverse range of workshops, courses and retreats focusing on personal development, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and the path of Tantra.
With over 20 years on the path, Anthony is a skilled facilitator and presenter with an ability to articulately communicate concepts that the audience can then directly integrate and embody, which creates many ‘a-ha’ moments and genuine transformations that represent his unique gift.
As a certified life-coach, Anthony is a competent mentor inspiring those who are on the path of inner awakening and growth.
Anthony is also the director of the Paradigm Shift Summit, which is a movement of socially and spiritually aware people who recognise that an awakening is occurring as humanity evolves to a higher more elevated level of consciousness.
Anthony enjoys an eco-friendly lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. He has just published his first book – Paradigm Shift – the global awakening of humanity – 2020-2040. It is available on kindle format as well as a printed version on Amazon.
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