Truth Frequency Radio
Dec 31, 2014


Police in Pennsylvania have shot and killed a 52yo man after he allegedly attempted to ‘run them over’ in his vehicle after they tried to arrest him over his earlier online threats against police officers and federal agents.

The incident which took
place around 16:15 local time, at Garrett Road and Shadeland
Avenue in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, occurred as police officers
tried to arrest the man wanted for posting threats for police
officers and FBI agents on YouTube.

“He threatened to kill police, threatened to kill FBI
Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood

The fatal shooting took place as police stopped to surround the
suspect’s vehicle, Chitwood said. The driver put the car in
reverse and smashed into the Clifton police chief’s SUV,
allegedly trying to run several officers over.

In response, Chitwood says, five police officers fired several
shots. No officers were injured in the incident.

“The officers were in fear of their lives and did what they
had to do,”
Chitwood said.

The suspect has not been officially identified, but a law
enforcement source told CBS news that the 52-year-old is believed
to be Joseph A. Pacini of Clifton Heights.

Philly News reports, that in one of his YouTube videos, the
suspect replayed the voicemail from Haverfort Detective Albert M.
Hufnal that he had received on Monday to issue the following

“Clearly these guys want me dead or in prison, and there’s no
way in hell I’m going back in prison. No [expletive] way. So to
the police, to the FBI, to the CIA agents, I’m not taking a fall
for my family anymore, okay?”
the alleged suspect says in
one video. “This time the Sicilian code is now busted. I’m
opening my mouth, right here, right now, at 5:37 p.m., on Monday
Dec. 29, 2014, this is my coming out party.”

“So you’re going to try to bring me down? I will [expletive]
kill you and your whole [expletive] family, all right? So go
ahead and [expletive] with me, all right? Try it.”

Edward Hanko, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia
division told Philly news that the Feds were aware of the
threats, but were not involved in the investigation.