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AIRED: 03-15-2021

What if we didn’t come ‘out of Africa’ & we went ‘into Africa’? If that’s the case, then where is it we come from? Is there any evidence to support such an idea? In this episode im joined by Steven & Evan Strong to discuss their work “Forgotten Origin: Out Of Australia” & “Our Alien Ancestory” which goes a long way to rewriting history & the story of the human species.

At one point in the show we talk about a mysterious skull & we see images of something that in my opinion looks like nothing we see here on earth. This is a never-before seen skull & it is a game changer in my opinion. Be sure to share this far & wide so that people who need to hear this message will get it.

We also talk about where we are going as a species & as a planet. This is a positive message at a time when the world needs to hear it.

Please be sure to check out the amazing work Steven & Evan are doing at their websites….
Forgotten Origin – https://forgottenorigin.com/
Our Alien Ancestory – https://www.ouralienancestry.net/

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