Aug 21, 2014

In the article I wrote a few days ago, I surmised that most of the violence and looting associated with the recent anti-police brutality protests in Ferguson, MO was being caused by agents provocateurs who were brought in and paid by a third party to do so.

It seems like the residents of Ferguson have already realized this, and have decided not to play the game anymore, because it’s a rigged one. It’s very sad that people can’t have a peaceful, non-violent revolution in this country, simply because violent elements are introduced and embedded into them by people who want neither peace nor stability, people who would love to see this country dissolved and mutated into a “global governance” situation.

But anyhow, it seems like the situation in Ferguson is dying out, now that the media whores have gotten all the footage and their viewers are bored and want something else to be freaked out about now. The governor has pulled back the national guard, and the last couple of nights have been pretty peaceful.

But the damage to the state of our civil liberties has already been done. What about the next time a child is shot and residents want a peaceful protest that actually sees results? The same thing will happen: Violent provocations from outsiders will cause chaos and disruption, more people will be killed/injured/jailed, and journalists will be targeted so that no justice will be seen for anyone.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”