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AIRED: 06-14-2014

f2013121813First Hour: Popeye of DTRH joins us to talk about the Las Vegas shooting. Why is the mainstream media using photoshop to change vacation pictures to portray Amanda Miller as a criminal? And why are they blaming these “mass shootings” on the alternative media? We also cover news related to the upcoming state constitutional amendment in Florida that will legalize the medical use of marijuana.

website: federaljack.com

Photo-SWR-150x1502nd-3rd Hour: We welcome our good friend, George Kavassilas, to the broadcast to expand upon the state of natural medicine in the world, and how the prison and pharmaceutical industries don’t want to lose business by having it decriminalized. In the third hour, we go “super woo” and talk about the fractal nature of the universe, and explore our galactic reality.

website: superwooradio.com.au

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