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AIRED: 04-08-2021

In this episode we return to the land down under for an amazing conversation with Evan & Steven Strong. We discuss whats going on in the world right now & how it ties in with the planetary changes that are occurring at this time. We discuss evidence of aliens having been here living with humans in the ancient past & the guys bring up a story from Kentucky in which a farmer uncovered 14 strange skeletons when they dug into one mound on a farm which were yet more example of the ‘no-forehead’ skulls previously discussed on the show. The guys talk about the splitting of humanity – its a case of choosing one path or another. The path we need to be on is one with no hate, no judgement & all about love, love, love.

This weekend the guys are hosting chapter 9 of their “Our Alien Ancestry” conferences & after watching chapter 8 I cannot recommend these presentations highly enough, so if you can watch please please do! Link below to get to the website for the upcoming conference this weekend

website: ouralienancestry.net

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