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Jul 15, 2014

In response to the murder of three teenagers, a case in which no guilty part has been proven and which was mostly likely carried out by right wing zionist extremists in order to provoke the further slaughter of Palestinians. And in response to Gaza, a walled in population of refugees, mostly women and children, defending itself with primitive pipe rockets that have so far caused zero deaths to Israelis.. Genocidal maniac and brutal terrorist psychopath Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו has so far murdered

1-Ibrahim Balaawi, 24 years old, Rafah
2-Abderrahman Zamili, 22 years old, Rafah
3-Ibrahim Abdin, 42 years old, Rafah
4-Mustafa Abu Mur, 20 years old, Rafah
5-His brother Khaled Abu Mur, 23 years old, Rafah
6-Jumaa Shlouf, Rafah, 25 years old
7-Mazen Aljarba, 30 years old, Bureij refugee camp
8-Marwan Saleem, 27 years old, Bureij refugee camp

The names of the martyrs of Gaza Strip Tuesday 8-7-2014:

9-Mohammad Shaaban, 24 years old, Gaza
10-Amjad Shaaban, 30 years old, Gaza
11-Khader Bashiliqi, 45 years old, Gaza
12-Rashad Yaseen, 27 years old, Nusairat refugee camp
13-Muhammad Ashour, 15 years old, Khan Younus
14-Reyad Kawaree’, 50 years old, Khan Younus
15-Baker Joudeh, 22 years old, Khan Younus
16-Ammar Joudeh, 26 years old, Khan Younus
17-Hussain Kawaree’, 13 years old, Khan Younus
18-Muhammad Kawaree’, 50 years old, Kahn Younus
19-Muhammad Habeeb, 22 years old, Gaza
20-Ahmad Mousa Habeeb, 16 years old, Gaza
21-Saqer Ajjouri, 22 years old, Jabalia
22-Ahmad Nael Mahdi, 16 years old, Gaza
23-Basem Kawaree’, 10 years old, Khan Younus
24-Hafez hamad, 30 years old, Bait hanoun
25-Ibrahim Hamad, 26 years old, Bait Hanoun
26-Mahdi Hamad, 46 years old, Bait Hanoun
27-Fawzeyyeh Hamad, 62 years old, Bait Hanoun
28-Dunia Hamad, 16 years old, Bait Hanoun
29-Suha Hamad, 25 years old, Bait Hanoun
30-Sulaiman Abu Sawawin, 22 years old, Deir Albalah
31-Seraj Abdel-Aal, 8 years old, Khan Younus
32-Abdelhadi Soufi, 24 years old

The names of the martyrs of Gaza Strip Wednesday 9-7-2014:

33-Rafeeq Kafarneh, 30 years old, Bait Hanoun
34-Nayfeh Farajallah, 80 years old, Meghraqa area
35-Abdennaser Abu Kwaik, 60 years old, Bait Hanoun
36-His son Khaled Abu Kwaik, 31 years old, Bait Hanoun
37-Mohammad Areef, 13 years old, Shaaf area
38-Mohammad Malakeh, 1.5 years old, Gaza
39-His mother Hanaa Malakeh, 27 years old, Gaza
40-Hatem Abu Salem, Middle Area
41-Muhammad Khaled Annemreh, 22 years old, Sabra area
42-Sahar Hamdan Almasri, 40 years old, Beit Hanoun
43–Her son Mohammad Ibrahim Almasri, 14 years old, Beit Hanoun
44-Muhammad Khalaf Nawasrah, 4 years old, Maghazi refugee camp
45-His brother Nedal Khalaf Nawasrah, 5 years old, Maghazi refugee camp
46-Aysha Najm, 20 years old, Maghazi refugee camp
47-Salah Awad Nawasrah, 6 years old, Maghazi refugee camp
48-Mahmoud Nahed Nawasrah, Maghazi refugee camp
49-Amal Yusuf Abdelghafour, 27 years old, Khan Younus
50-Raneem Joudeh Abdelghafour, 1.5 years old, Khan Younus
51-Hani Saleh Hamad, 57 years old, Beit Hanoun
52-Ibrahim Hamad, 20 years old, Beit Hanoun
53-Saleemeh Hasan Al-Arja, 60 years old, Rafah
54-Maryam Ateyyeh Arja, 11 years old, Rafah
55-The journalist Hamed Shihab, 37 years old, Remal area
56-Hamdi Sawali, 33 years old, Qarara area
57-Ibrahim Sawali, 28 years old, Qarara area
58-Mohammad Qanan, 26 years old, Qarara area
59-His brother Ibrahim Qanan, 24 years old, Qarara area
60-Sulaiman Astal, 55 years old, Qarara area
61-Muhammad Aqqad, 24 years old, Qarara
62-Ahmad Saleem Astal, Qarara
63-Mousa Muhammad Astal, Qarara
64-Raed Shalat, 37 years old. Middle Area
65-Asmaa Mahmoud Alhaj, 22 years old, Khan Younus
66-Tareq Saad Alhaj, 18 years old, Khan Younus
67-Saad Mahmoud Alhaj, 17 years old, Khan Younus
68-Najlaa mahmoud Alhaj, 29 years old, Khan Younus
69-Fatmeh Alhaj, 12 years old, Khan Younus
70-Omar Alhaj, 20 years old, Khan Younus
71-Basema Abdelfattah Alhaj, 57 years old, Khan Younus
72-Raed Zawarea, 33 years old, Juhr Aldeek area
73-Mahmoud Lutfi Alhaj, 58 years old, Khan Younus
74-Muhammad Farwaneh, 27 years old, Khan Younus
75-Yasmin Almtawwaq, 4 years old

The names of the martyrs of Gaza Strip Thursday 10-7-2014:

76-Bahaa Abu Allail, 35 years old, Gaza
77-Salem Qandil, 27 years old, Gaza
78-Amer Fayyoumi, 30 years old, Gaza
79-Abdallah Abu Ghazal, 5 years old, Bait Hanoun
80-Ismail Abu Jamee’, 19 years old, Khan Younus
81-Mahmoud Tulai’ Waloud, 26 years old, Jabalia
82-Hazem Baalousha, 30 years old, Jabalia
83-Udai Alsultan,27 years old, Jabalia
84-Hasan Oudeh Abu Jamee’, 75 years old, Khan Younus
85-Ahmad Zaher Hamdan, 22 years old, Bait Hanoun
86-Muhammad Kamal Kahlout, 25 years old, Jabalia
87-Sami Adnan Shaldan, 25 years old, Zaitoun area
88-Abdallah Abu Mahrouq, 22 years old, Deir Albalah
89-Bassam Khattab, 6 years old, Deir Albalah

The names of the martyrs of Gaza Strip Friday 11-7-2014:

90- Doctor Anas Abu Alkas, 33 years old, Tal Alhawa
91-Nour Najdi, 10 years old, Rafah
92-Muhammad Muneer Ashour, 25 years old, Rafah
93-Ghalia Deeb Ghannam, 57 years old, Rafah
94-Wesam Abderrazeq Ghannam, 31 years old, Rafah
95-Mahmoud Abderrazeq Ghannam, 28 years old, Rafah
96-Kefah Shehadeh Ghannam, 33 years old, Rafah
97-Raed Hani Abu Hani, 31 years old, Rafah
98-Shahraman Abu Alkas, 42 years old, Bureij refugee camp
99-Mazen Mustafa Aslan, 63 years old, Bureij refugee camp
100-Mohammad Rabee’ Hamdan, 65 years old
101-Abdelhalim Abdelmuuti, 54 years old, Deair Albalah
102-Saher Abu Namous, 3 years old, Tal Alzaatar
103-Hussain Mamlouk, 47 years old, Gaza
104-Saber Sukkar, 80 years old, Gaza
105-Naser Rabah Samama, 49 years old, Gaza
106-Rami Abu Musaed, 23 years old, Deir Albalah
107-Muhammad Sumairi, 24 years old, Deir Albalah
108-Anas Qandeel, 17 years old, Gaza
109-Husam Alrazayneh, 39 years old, Jabalia
110-Abderrahim Khatib, 38 years old, Jabalia
111-Islam Yusuf Qandeel, 27years old, Jabalia
112-Mohammad Abu Snaineh, 20 years old, Jabalia

The names of the martyrs of Gaza Strip Saturday 12-7-2014:

113-Ali Nabeel Basal, 32 years old, Gaza
114-Mohammad Halabi, 28 years old, Gaza
115-Muhammad Abu Askar, 20 years old, Gaza
116-Ola Wishahi, 31 years old, Jabalia
117-Suha Abu Saada, 38 years old, Jabalia
118-Ibrahim Hamada, 30 years old, Gaza
119-Hasan Abu Ghoush, 24 years old, Gaza
120-Ahmad Balaawi, 26 years old, Gaza
121-Rateb Saifi, 22 years old, Gaza
122-Azmi Obaid, 51 years old, Gaza
123-Nedal Abu Almalash, 22 years old, Gaza
124-Sulaiman Obaid, 56 years old, Gaza
125-Ghassan Masri, 25 years old, Gaza
126-Mustafa Enaya, 58 years old, Gaza
127-Rifaat Yusuf Amer, 36 years old, Gaza
128-Ghazi Areef, 62 years old, Gaza
129-Muhammad Abu Swailem, 20 years old, Jabalia
130-Fadi Sukkar, 25 years old, Gaza
131-Qasem Oudeh, 16 years old, Khan Younus
132-Mohammad Areef, 35 years old, Gaza
133-Khawla Hawajri, 35 years old, Bureij refugee camp
134-Ahmad Dalloul, 47 years old, Gaza
135-Muhannad Yousuf Dhair, 23 years old, Rafah
136-Mohammad Basal, 19 years old, Gaza
137-Mahmoud Sharatha, 53 years old, North Gaza Strip
138-Shadi Zuurub, 21 years old, Rafah
139-Imad Zuurub, 21 years old, Rafah
140-Nahed Naim Batsh, 41 years old, Gaza
141-Bahaa Majed Batsh, 28 years old, Gaza
142-Qusai Issam Batsh, 12 years old, Gaza
143-Azeezeh Yusuf Batsh, 59 years old, Gaza
144-Mohammad Issam Batsh, 17 years old, Gaza
145-Ahmad Numan Batsh, 27 years old, Gaza
146-Yahya Alaa Batsh, 18 years old, Gaza
147-Jalal Majed Batsh, 26 years old, Gaza
148-Mahmoud Majed Batsh, 22 years old, Gaza
149-Marwah Majed Batsh, 25 years old, Gaza
150-Majed Subhi Batsh, Gaza
151-Khaled Majed Batsh, 20 years old, Gaza
152-Ibrahim Majed Batsh, 18 years old, Gaza
153-Manar Majed Batsh. 13 years old, Gaza
154-Amal Hasan Batsh, 49 years old, Gaza
155-Anas Alaa Batsh, 10 years old, Gaza
[7/14/2014 1:22:38 PM] Max Igan: 156-Qusai Alaa Batsh, Gaza
157-Rami Abu Shanab, 25 years old, Deir Albalah
158-Hejazeyyah Hamed Alhelo, 80 years old, Gaza

The names of the martyrs of Gaza Strip Sunday 13-7-2014:

159-Fawzeyyeh Abdel-aal, 73 years old, Gaza
160-Haytham Zuurub, 21 years old, Rafah
161-Layla Al-Oudat, 41 years old, Maghazi refugee camp
162-Husam Najjar, 14 year sold, North Gaza Strip
163-Ruwaida Alzawaydeh, 30 years old
164-Ezziddine Bulbul, 25 years old, Gaza
165-Hussain Mhaisen, 19 years old, Gaza
166-Qasem Hamdan, 23 years old, Bait Hanoun
167-Maher Abu Mur, 24 years old, Rafah
168-Muhammad Abu Brais, 65 years old, Deir Albalah
169-Saddam Muammar, 23 years old, Khan Younus
170-Mousa Muammar, 60 years old, Khan Younus
171-Hanadi Muammar, 27 years old, Khan Younus
172-Adham Abel-Aal, 25 years old, Gaza

And this war crime, this genocide, is being fully sanctioned by our corrupt western governments as “self defense” and the heartless and thoroughly complicit talking heads of the western media dare to call it a war.

Never in my entire life have I been more disgusted.